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At Emerson Physical Therapy & Rehab Center, we also treat many patients after giving birth to Diastasis Recti. Diastasis Recti is a condition with which many women struggle after childbirth and usually ignore completely. This condition very rarely causes pain or discomfort.

Diastasis Recti, although it does not directly cause discomfort, is the leading cause of pelvic and lower back pain in many patients - due to lack of proper core function and stability.

Emerson Physical Therapy & Rehab Center provides a particular, individualized, and comprehensive approach that will determine the specific course of treatment for your core instability.


At Emerson Physical Therapy & Rehab Center, the doctor will start a comprehensive study that will deal with the beginning, cause, duration, severity, and set a plan that will help to remedy this dysfunction.


At Emerson Physical Therapy & Rehab Center, we have extensive experience in treating women with Diastasis Recti. Based on functional assessment, we create an individual treatment plan. The treatment will be a combination of manual therapy and physical therapy exercises that will help restore the function of the abdominal wall muscles. We use our experience in manual medicine and rehabilitation to help activate deep abdominal muscles and help restore proper functioning by challenging muscles and training them cortically.